Bookmark Roundup Vol. 1

I have a lot of bookmarks. I mean, A LOT! I find more interesting articles, websites, tools, videos, etc. each week and it’s about time I start sharing some of them. 

So, with that being said let’s get right to it.

First up!

1. Canvas Cards

Alright, these cards are cool. I mean, really cool.

52 cards created by Luke Patton with Canvas. Each card is unique and the code used to create them is right there waiting for you to explore. Most of them generate a new pattern upon updating and I’d bet you’ll find yourself loving quite a few!

2. WebGradients

WebGradients beautifully displays a variety of 180 gradients for you to choose from and use wherever you see fit. Definitely worth a bookmark.

3. We Use Too Many Damn Modals

Diving into the good and (mostly) bad side of modals with Adrian Egger.

image of modals website

4. Bulk Resize Images Tool

I’m sure everyone has a tool they like to go to when resizing images. I have a few that are my favorites but I like using this particular tool if I have a lot of images. It’s simple and does what it needs to do. (You can also watermark photos)

5. Adele – Design Systems Repository

I’ll admit, there is much I want to learn about design systems and I have a folder full of websites, books, and articles waiting to be devoured one day.

Adele houses a massive collection of design systems from all types of companies. If you’re into design systems, heck, even if you’re not, you will still enjoy digging into this archive. Shoutout to @kellycodeschaos for the share!


Kyle Shook