Oh, hey. Let's talk.

Oh, hey. Let's talk.

Ok. Let me preface this by saying I am not a writer. There will be mistakes in my blog posts, no doubt. However, that is not what this is about. "This" is about sharing useful information with anyone who chooses to enjoy it.

So I've always had a habit of collecting browser bookmarks. I don't know why but I just can't help it. I need them, they are my precious. Some I keep meticulously organized and other folders resemble that one closet in your house that hasn't seen daylight in ages. 

"Ok, cool, you like bookmarks. What now?" 

Well, I'll tell you! Now it's time to make lists!

I'm planning a series of posts titled "10 To Win" and in these posts, I'll be handpicking, you guessed it, 10 of my favorite sites, tools, tutorials, etc. on certain tech-related topics. More than likely upon the publishing of the first part, the series will then continue on a weekly basis until the internet has no more to offer. 

And in between these posts, you might see an occasional simple tutorial from yours truly to keep things interesting. 


Alright, that's enough. If you read this post, well, you are awesome.

-Kyle Shook (@elyktrix)

You’re stronger than you know. You’re braver than you’ve been told. You’re greater than you’ll ever imagine. -Robin Sharma